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SenNet Spring Meeting 2024

The SenNet Spring Meeting will take place April 25-26 in Bethesda, near the NIH. 

More meeting information can be found here. All meeting participants must register to attend–you can do so here. SenNet members are able to attend by Zoom if they require. The meeting’s draft agenda can be found here.

SenNet Science Talks & Interview Series

Consortium News & Updates

CODCC April 2024 News
Working Group March 2024 Updates
  • Data Coordination – Chair: Jonathan Silverstein
    • Data Submission Guide includes multi-omic maps. 
    • Reminder: use CEDAR for all sample and assay metadata
    • Bulk upload is working for all data (7 uploads not accounted above)
    • All SenNet data is to be submitted upon production, do not wait for analysis.
  • Benchmarking – Chair: Vilas Menon
    • Cross-consortium meeting recent meeting 
    • Working on metrics/analysis
    • March will discuss other consortia benchmarking metrics
    • Generally this is early days and collecting expertise and metrics increasing biological complexity coming
  • Outreach – Chair: Kay Metis 
  • Senescence Biomarkers – Chair: Nicola Neretti
    • Science talk last meeting regarding functional senescence
    • Biomarkers review in late phases with editorial requests – get your materials in NOW – Nicola/Vidyani working through it
    • Its compendium of senescence markers by tissue and source (mouse/human) – there is database of these now and it will be published with the paper and draft is online from resources page
  • Publication – Chair: Rong Fan 
  • Policy – Chair: Vidyani Suryadevara
    • Associate Membership discussed – no new policy required – voting procedures of consortium allow appropriate regulation of membership
  • -omics/Mapping WG are merging. Chairs: Sheng Li & Rong Fan
    • Imaging/Mapping – Joao Passos retired from chairing Imaging to lead the Benchmarking project
    • -omics and Image Mapping WG is new name chaired by Sheng Li and Joao Passos
    • Focus upon integration of spatial technologies / analysis – e.g., Xenium and others
    • Speakers being invited
    • This group is generally also posting the presentations on SenNet YouTube Channel
    • -omics perspective paper in revising phase – computational analysis and organ specific sections (few sections remaining)
  • Human Reference Atlas WG (previously ASCT+B) – Chair: Katy Borner
    • Patty Lee provided update on 5×5 
    • Additional digital objects may be in the green by Apr 1
    • Would like additional external reviewers for any of the ASCT+B items below:
  • Junior Investigators – Chairs: Birgit Schilling & Lexi Rindone
    • The Division of Aging Builogy at the NIA is holding a virtual workshop titled, “Cellular Quiescence, Senescence, and Death in Aging and Longevity.” The workshop will be help on Tuesday, 4/23/24 from 10am-5:30pm EST. If you would like to attend, please register using this link before 4/23/24.
    • Poster sessions desirable for April meeting – organizing group informed
    • Mentoring lunch desirable for April meeting – organizing group informed
    • Intent to continue to encourage JIs attending consortium meetings
General Consortium Updates

NIH Common Fund Funding Opportunity Announcement Posted

National Institute of Aging: Cellular Quiescence, Senescence, and Death in Aging and Longevity on 4/23/24.

The 2024 scverse Hackathon in Boston, MA is accepting applicants until March 24.

CUSP 2023 Graduate Hillina Berhane accepts a postbac fellowship at the NIH!

SenNet remembers Dr. Judith Campisi (1949-2024).

Registration open for the NIH-CZI Junior Investigators Atlas Builders Meeting on March 17-19, 2024. The conference topic is “Cellular and Molecular Human Atlases in Health and Disease.”

The 6th release of the Human Reference Atlas (HRA) is now available via See details on what data, tools, training materials were updated/added in the Release Notes at

Sign up for HuBMAP’s 12/19/23 VUES Seminar with Jeremy Kriegel! Topic is: “Development of User Personas: Who is the User in Your Stories?”

The NIH Common Fund Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP) is excited to announce the 2023-2024 JumpStart Program!

Kaggle Competition Launched: “SenNet + HOA – Hacking the Human Vasculature in 3D”

HTAN Jamboree & HuBMAP Jumpstart Program

Collection of Articles Reports Advances in Building Cellular Organization Maps of the Human Body

Joao Passos‘s new publication Spatial mapping of cellular senescence: emerging challenges and opportunities is out now!

NIH launches program to map a rare type of non-dividing cells implicated in human health and disease

Molecular Atlas of Senescent Cells Could Chart Way to Therapies for Age-Related Diseases and Cancer

Pitt teams tapped to develop ‘Google Maps’ of cells important in aging

$125 Million in Grants to Study Cellular Aging to Be Coordinated from Pittsburgh

CMU CompBio Researchers Take Leading Roles in NIH SenNet Program

Buck Institute awarded $12.7 million from NIH to join SenNet, Cellular Senescence Network

Tissue Mapping Center for Cellular Senescence Launched at Yale Cancer Center to Study Human Lymphoid Organs

NIH supports studies on senescent cells: UW Medicine will be part of the Cellular Senescence Network to research these cells in aging and other processes.

Dr. Hemali Phatnani Awarded NIH Grant to Build 3D Atlas To Map “Senescent” Cells and Probe Their Role in Human Aging and Disease

$7.5 million to study elusive cell type important in aging, cancer, other diseases

Brown University researcher awarded NIH SenNet grant to investigate senescent cell microenvironments across multiple tissues

UT Health Science Center San Antonio among group tapped by NIH to map senescent ‘zombie’ cells in the body

Senescent Cell Tissue Mapping Will Facilitate Study of Aging and Chronic Diseases

Archived Consortium News & Updates

CODCC Updates
CUSP Updates
  • 2/15/24: Applications for the summer 2024 CUSP cohort are now closed.
  • 11/15/23: Call for labs is out and communication has been sent out to PIs. CUSP page and application is live. Visit Reach out to the SenNet Help Desk for more information.
Working Group Updates
  • Benchmarking (Dec. 2023):
    • The SenNet Benchmarking Group is collecting information on past, current, and future benchmarking efforts within the consortium. Our goal is to put together a consortium-wide document of recommendations, approaches, and best practices to benchmark experimental and computational workflows being used.
    • Survey link can be found here:
  • Data Coordination (Dec. 2023):
  • Human Reference Atlas (Dec. 2023):
  • Imaging/Mapping (Dec. 2023):
    • Joao is looking for someone to replace him as the WG chair as he focuses on the Benchmarking project
    • If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to the SenNet Help Desk
    • Option to merge with Omics WG
  • Junior Investigators (Jan. 2024):
  • Omics/Mapping (Jan. 2024):
    • The Omics/Mapping working group is now hosting a monthly Seminar series. Reach out to for more information or to schedule your talk.
    • SenNet Omics perspective table 1 on consortium-wide TMCs/TDAs 18 organ-/tissue-specific single-cell and spatial omics considerations (Laura and Sheng):
    • Table1_Organ-specific_omics_considerations
    • Primary organ/tissue types: adipose (Laura & Ming); muscle (Ben, Xu, and Nathan); placenta (Paul)
  • Outreach (Dec. 2023):
  • Publication (12/4/23):
    • Planning for a publication package. There is a publication package spreadsheet. Please fill this out with as much detail as possible
    • Invitation to submit a perspective to Nature Review Genetics. Volunteers who want to contribute are welcome. Please contact Allie Pybas
  • Senescence Biomarkers (12/4/23):
    • SenGuiDe: SenNet guidelines for detecting senescent cells across tissues
    • Revised version circulated this week for resubmission on Friday
    • Please deposit validated antibodies to the WG table
    • The benchmarking project team members will meet during the senescence biomarkers WG this month. December 6th from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm EST. Meetings will rotate between the omics, imaging, benchmarking, and biomarker WG regular meetings.