SenNet Remembers Judith Campisi

The SenNet Consortium joins the Buck Institute in mourning the death of Judith Campisi. Judith was a key researcher, advocate, and leader within SenNet, and her loss is felt deeply across the cellular senescence community.

SenNet Steering Committee Co-Chair Laura Niedernhofer shared this article she authored on Judy

Laura writes, “I have known Judy since my time as a postdoc in the Netherlands where I contributed to a P01 grant that she co-led with my mentor Jan Hoeijmakers.

She was the perfect role model of critical and creative thinking. Never afraid to speak out despite typically being the only female scientific leader in the room, which taught many of us courage. She has also always been generous with her science and mentoring tips. Judy was an avid reader and we often exchanged books and favorite authors. She enjoyed travel and her investment with friends in a local winery.”

Co-Chair Hemali Phatnani says, “I may not have known Judy for very long, but she had an outsize influence on me. I was new to the senescence field when I first met her, and her warmth and generosity touched me deeply. Her brand of wisdom and kindness is rare and I consider myself very fortunate to have known her. I will miss her very much.”

Birgit Schilling, one of Judy’s close colleagues at the Buck Institute, writes, “It is indeed wonderful to see how many people of our scientific field commented and brought forward tributes, to think how many lives Judy has touched and influenced both with her amazing science and her kind personality.”

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