Data Previews


Welcome to the SenNet data preview page where you can explore regular updates and visualizations of data being processed and published by the SenNet Consortium. This page acts as an overview of current Consortium data and a look ahead at data that is yet to be published.

This July 2024 SenNet Sankey diagram tracks how data has been uploaded and published through a variety of categories:

    1. Which Tissue Mapping Center (TMC) or Technology Development and Application (TDA) processes the tissue.
    2. Which technology is being used to process tissue.
    3. The human or murine organ from which the senescent cell tissue was taken.
    4. The status of that data in July 2024.

The primary datasets below are individual datasets extracted from a recent data upload. Primary datasets are the initial sets of data collected directly from a murine or human assay such as histology or single-cell RNAseq or spatial transcriptomics or proteomics data. In some cases one primary dataset results in two processed or derived datasets in the data portal (e.g., one Visium -> one Histology and one RNAseq).

The Sankey visualization above and the graph and table below are created directly from the data dashboard, which is only accessible to Consortium members, and which details operational information about primary datasets at all statuses, enabling a preview of upcoming data and detailed tracking by Consortium members. The public sees only published datasets in the data portal whereas all data submitted is shared in the portal by Consortium members.