SenNet’s collaborative mission to study senescence involves a nationwide consortium of scientists, data architects, project managers, and even interns. While SenNet is operated by its Consortium members, you don’t need to be a member to get involved! Consider joining this exciting initiative in one of the following ways:

Register as a Member

The SenNet Consortium aims to unite cellular senescence researchers by developing common terms and classifications for senescent cells. We do this by providing a centralized data sharing and ingest hub, in addition to a government structure for our research teams across the U.S. We also meet multiple times annually to discuss our innovative research and findings.

If you’d like to register as a member for access to the Consortium’s infrastructure and directory, you can do so here. You can view more information about our funded components here, or even join the Consortium as a non-voting Associate Member.

Consortium Undergraduate Student Program (CUSP)

While the application deadline has passed for summer 2024 internships, read on to learn about how CUSP students join one of our countrywide research sites to conduct their own research project. Their research contributes to SenNet’s ongoing initiatives to explore the causes and consequences of senescent cells.

Once students apply and are accepted to the program, they attend a weekly virtual seminar series that introduce them to rapidly progressing medical terminology and basic research practices.

Upon completion of their internships, they will present a virtual poster at the end of the project about their experience. Click on any video to the left to watch the 2023 CUSP student presentations!

Accepted students will receive a stipend, housing, and technology assistance as needed. For more information and application requirements, click here.