Welcome to the Resources page for the SenNet Consortium! Please use this page as a central hub for data ingestion, data documentation, publications, and research highlights. Whether you are a member of the Consortium, an independent researcher, or a budding scientist, we invite you to explore the senescence resources we have here.

SenNet Publications

View published research by funded components of the SenNet Consortium. Organize by topic, title, citations, or publication date.

SenNet Data in Brief:

100+ Datasets

1000+ Samples

300+ Human and Murine Sources


Funded awardees may upload data here.


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Interactive graph visualization of senescence biomarkers. This network representation of the supplemental data shows each organ node as a text string.


Documentation on SenNet Data

Data Benchmarking

SenNet is planning to execute a consortium-wide benchmarking project to enable standardization of detecting cellular senescence and spatial localization of senescence in tissues. The benchmark will compare the performance of spatial transcriptomics and proteomics techniques on the same tissue, and will compare the performance of the same modality on different tissues.