Funded Research

Brown University-Spatial omics technologies to map the senescent cell microenvironment

Buck Institute for Research on Aging – Senescent cell mapping, identification and validation for human somatic and reproductive tissues

Buck Institute for Research on Aging-Evaluating diverse technologies for detecting and validating senescent cells in vivo

Columbia University-A Multi-scale Atlas of Senescence in Diverse Tissue Types

Duke University-The Duke Senescent Cell Evaluations in Normal Tissues (SCENT) Mapping Center

Massachusetts General Hospital-Single-cell proteomic identification of novel markers of senescence

Mayo Clinic Rochester-Development of machine learning software to quantitatively map telomere induced senescence in tissue sections during aging

Stanford University-Cellular Senescence Network: New Imaging Tools for Arthritis Imaging

University of Connecticut-The KAPP-Sen Tissue Mapping Center Collaborative

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor-Seq-Scope: Microscopic Examination of Spatial Single Cell Transcriptome in Cell and Tissue Senescence

University of Minnesota-Minnesota Tissue Mapping Center for Senescent Cells

University of Pittsburgh-TriState SenNET (Lung and Heart) Tissue Map and Atlas consortium

University of Pittsburgh-Cellular Senescence Network (SenNet) Consortium Organization and Data Coordinating Center (CODCC)

University of Washington-PIXEL-seq-based spatial, multi-omic profiling for senescent cell mapping with single-cell resolution

Washington University-Washington University Senescence Tissue Mapping Center (WU-SN-TMC)

Yale University-Yale TMC for Cellular Senescence in Lymphoid Organs